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Fertility Care

We offer expert fertility services, including injection administration, medication organization, and support for IVF and egg freezing, ensuring your fertility journey is in capable hands.

About Fertility Care

Our fertility care is comprised of a compassionate and comprehensive approach to addressing individuals and couples’ reproductive health needs revolving around fertility medication administration. Our dedicated team of fertility nurses provide personalized guidance, support, and education to help you navigate the intricate journey toward building your family. Whether you are starting or in the midst of IVF, egg freezing, egg donation, or preparing for a transfer cycle, our goal is to help navigate your daily fertility injections and provide support every step of the way.

Daily or 1 Time Injections

We offer house calls for both daily and one-time injections tailored to your doctor's instructions. Whether it's just a couple of visits to help you get comfortable or ensuring precise administration of critical shots, we've got you covered.

Medication Education & Organization

Our medication training service provides an experienced fertility nurse to guide you through your treatment plan, helping you become confident in mixing and administering injections from the comfort of your home.

IVF or Egg Freezing Full Cycle Injections

Our nurses are here throughout your cycle, offering injection education, organization, and administration services. Let us handle the intricacies so you can focus on your fertility journey without the added stress of deciphering injection instructions and timing.

The Fertility Menu


One Time Injection Administration

Administration of injectable medication via the subcutaneous route. These injections occur before egg retrieval, lasting about 9 to 14 days. This may be between 1 to 4 different medications that need to be administered during a single visit. If more than 5 back-to-back injection days are needed, please see our Full Cycle Support Option for discount pricing.


Twice-a-day Injection Administration

Administration of injectable medication via the subcutaneous route. These injections occur before egg retrieval, lasting about 9 to 14 days. This may be between 1 to 4 different medications to be administered TWICE daily. This cannot be scheduled individually for a complete cycle. You can only schedule for five or fewer consecutive days.


Progesterone Injection Administration

Intramuscular injection of Progesterone in Oil (PIO) helps support your embryo transfer cycle and early pregnancy. This is typically injected in the buttocks muscle.

If more than 7 days of PIO injection support is needed, please contact us for pricing.


Trigger Shot Only

This is a time-specific trigger shot to be administered at a specific time set by your fertility clinic. If your medication order includes HCG, Novarel, Pregnyl, Ovidrel, or Lupron ONLY, this service is for you.

  • Trigger Shots before 9 PM:
    $150 (30 mins)
  • Dual Trigger Shots before 9 PM: $250 (1 hour)
  • Trigger Shots after 9 PM:
    $200 (30 mins)
    Dual Trigger Shots after 9 PM:
    $300 (1 hour)

Full Cycle Bundle

This bundle includes up to 12 days of back-to-back injection administration visits and a single trigger shot visit. We take care of all of your mixing, administering, and timely injection for the entirety of your current treatment cycle. You will have access to a nurse via phone/text throughout this process for questions and guidance on injection administration. Any visits beyond 12 days will require additional fees. If your medication order includes HCG, Novarel, Pregnyl, Ovidrel, or Lupron, this service is for you. Additional days may be added at the same discounted rate.

Contact for Pricing

Medication Organization/ Injection Training Class

Feeling a little lost? Confused? Trying to figure out what to do with all the vials, syringes, and needles delivered to you from the pharmacy? Don’t worry! We have your back! Our Medication Organization and injection training service brings a trained fertility nurse to your home to help organize all of your supplies and teach you how to mix and administer your medications. We will review your treatment protocol, and injection calendar to empower you to manage your cycle in a stress-free way! We can also do all the leg work for you from organizing to administering so you can rest assured your meds are administered correctly and on time every day!


20 minute Virtual Support Call

Do you just need an expert to be on the phone or on a virtual call with you to help coach you through your injections? Our experience fertility nurses are here for you!


What to Expect

Step 1

Service Inquiry

Fill out our fertility contact form so we can learn more about what services you need.

We will give you a call within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry to discuss further details and map out your individualized treatment plan, anticipated start date, and number of days of services needed and set your specific appointment times.

Step 2

Receive Your Service

On the day of your scheduled appointment, your nurse will arrive at your home or other convenient location at your scheduled time to answer any questions about our forms,  review your medication schedule, and set up your injections. Please have available a copy of your medication schedule.

After your medication has been given, your nurse will review with you your remaining quantities of medication so you may consult with your clinic and have ample time to order more as needed.

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